U.S. Congressman Daniel Webster (left) supports Veterans Groups .

OUR MISSION: By referral to the three major national blood banks, Veterans Emergency Blood Bank has a goal of gathering 1,000 donated pints of blood each year and donations which will partially help with typing, testing, processing, storage and transport of the blood to local Emergency Rooms and Hospitals around the U.S. to help loved ones and injury victims in need. While this is a veteran sponsored project, unfortunately we cannot designate that only veterans will receive the blood.  The American Red Cross works in 45 states and Veterans Emergency Blood Bank cooperates with two other blood banks, United and Oneblood in the remaining states.  The average cost of typing, testing, processing, storage and transporting a pint of blood varies and we are seeking donations for our charity expenses, traffic enhancement, projects and the cost of typing, testing, processing, storage and transport as we received cooperation from the major blood banks.

Typing and testing blood:  After blood is drawn, it is tested for the ABO blood group type and the Rh type (positive or negative), as well as for any unexpected red blood cell antibodies that may cause problems  in  the  recipient.    Screening

tests  are  also  preformed  for evidence

of donor infection  with hepatitis viruses

B and  C, human immunodeficiency virus

(HIV) 1 and w 2, human T- lymphotropic

viruses (HTLV)  I  and  II  and  syphilis.

Storage of Blood:  Each unit of whole blood is normally separated into several components.  Red blood cells may be stored under refrigeration for a maximum of 42 days, or they may be frozen for up to 10 years.  Red cells carry oxygen and are used to treat anemia.  Platelets are important in the control of bleeding and are generally used in patients with leukemia and other forms of cancer. Platelets are stored at room temperature and may be kept for a maximum of five days.  Fresh frozen plasma, used to control bleeding due to low levels of some clotting factors, is usually kept in the frozen state for up to one year.  Cryoprecipitated AHF, which contains only a few specific clotting factors, is made from fresh frozen plasma and may be stored frozen for up to one year.  Granulocytes are sometimes used to fight infections, although their efficacy is not well-established.  They must be transfused within 24 hours of donation.

Transport of Blood:   A nurse normally sends routing slips to the blood bank to receive the blood.  Sometimes hospital staff or human transporters pickup needed blood products and place them in monitored coolers until needed for scheduled surgeries and return them if unused. Collection, typing, and testing process is governed by procedures which comply with AABB and FDA standards, and they are approved and audited by FDA.  The blood that you donate is properly typed, tested, stored and transported to a local Emergency room or hospital for a needy loved one or injury victim.

American Association of Blood Banks (AABB): The AABB is a key international association of blood banks, including hospital and community blood centers, transfusion and transplantation services and individuals involved in transfusion and transplantation medicine. The AABB establishes the standards of care for patients and donors in all aspects of blood banking; transfusion medicine; hematopoietic, cellular and gene therapies; and tissue transplantation. More than 2000 community and hospital blood banks, hospital transfusion services and laboratories and over 8000 individuals from the US and 80 countries outside the US make up the AABB. 





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Past US Congressman John Mica, shown with director "Paul" Paulson, supports Veterans Emergency Blood Bank which relies 100% on donors and does not rely at all on taxpayer veteran funding.

Help The Vets is a non-profit charity which is sponsoring the Veterans Emergency Blood Bank project.  We also sponsor other projects with your donations.

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